Radiesse Los Angeles

We live in a society where physical appearance has an increased importance. Pressure from our surroundings, as well as decrease in our self-confidence all play a part in the process when one comes to the decision of getting some kind of cosmetic procedure done. For most people it does not require much intervention, as they are looking to diminish a few wrinkles or other skin surface-imperfections. However, for some people, it means getting rid of deep facial folds or correcting / enhancing facial features.

Advances in medical science made it possible for these patients to be able to get these aesthetic procedures done without going under the knife. For these kind of enhancements both patients and doctors alike prefer to use Radiesse. In Los Angeles – it being home to so many celebrities -, this particular dermal filler has gained popularity at a steady pace due to its versatility and the fact that – injectable fillers in general – require no recovery time, unlike plastic surgery. The patient walks into the doctor’s office, gets a few tiny injections and walks out 15 minutes later, being able to resume her/his regular activities.

Another great advantage of Radiesse is, that it does not require any kind of allergy testing, as it is made of substances naturally occurring in our bodies. Radiesse consists of calcium-hydroxylapatite that can be found in human bones and teeth. Because these particles are suspended in a gel carrier, it is relatively easy for a licensed physician to calculate the future result of the injection. It’s because over time, the gel absorbs and takes on the characteristics of the surrounding natural tissue.

There are many injectable fillers available today. So what makes Radiesse stand out of the “crowd”? The answer lays in Radiesse’s versatile use and its long-lasting results – thanks to its unique composition. While other dermal fillers only last about 4-6 months, most patients reported Radiesse lasting 12-18 months.

Not to mention that since the gel – the calcium particles are suspended in – after being absorbed, takes on the characteristics of the surrounding tissue (like mentioned before) – in facial feature corrections and enhancements this fact gains a special importance. Looking at it from the patient’s point of view, it means that the results of Radiesse will not completely disappear even after the 12 months are up. Many doctors have realized this fact and were able to use this advantage of Radiesse in non-surgical rhinoplasty, or cheek and chin enhancement for example. Radiesse smoothly blends in, leaving the correction itself completely unnoticeable, providing natural-looking and long-lasting results.

In order to achieve the desired results and to avoid complications from incorrectly administered injections, you should always see a licensed professional when considering Radiesse. Los Angeles is home to Laser Touch Medical Clinic, where you will be able to get answers to all your questions regarding dermal fillers in Los Angeles at the time of your complimentary appointment.