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A Plastic Surgeon in Encino Can Hide Embarrassing Varicose Veins

You may be searching to find a plastic surgeon in Encino. As you get older, varicose veins and spider veins can be an embarrassing problem. These veins can appear anywhere on the body, but are often found on the legs. Varicose veins are thick veins that stand out from the rest of your skin – often in red, blue, or purple colors. Spider veins are similarly noticeable, but they are clusters of smaller veins that can be found anywhere on the body. A plastic surgeon in Encino can assist you with this problem.

While they can result from age, they also can be a result of prolonged sun exposure, hormone therapy, genetics, or simply bad circulation. There are two options available to reduce the appearance of these veins: sclerotherapy treatments and laser vein therapy. Sclerotherapy treatments involve injections to shrink the veins and minimize their appearance.

Laser vein therapy, on the other hand, requires no injections or surgeries. Laser vein therapy can be done in as little as 10-20 minutes. A cosmetic laser will safely target the areas with the visible veins and reduce their appearance. Because these lasers are targeted, there is minimal risk of damaging the surrounding tissue. This can be administered by a plastic surgeon in Encino.

Laser vein therapy does come with side effects, which can include some discomfort and swelling, as well as redness. All side effects are usually subsided within 24 hours of the treatment. Contact a plastic surgeon in Encino for details.

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