Latisse West Hollywood

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, which makes the eyelashes pretty important—yet some of us aren’t genetically blessed with long, lush lashes. Mascaras and eyeliner can only do so much and rejected drugstore products piling up in the bathroom drawers. The frustration with cakey mascara and empty promises can wear on an individual. However, with current cosmetic advances, one can have the eyelashes one craves with Latisse in West Hollywood. Latisse in West Hollywood is increasingly popular and affordable as over 1.5 million kits have been sold in the United States.

Latisse is the first FDA-approved treatment for inadequate lashes (hypotrichosis); it was approved in 2008. Latisse in West Hollywood has been proved to make lashes longer, thicker and darker over 16 weeks of treatment. Latisse is applied topically to the base of the upper lashes. The Latisse kit costs $120 and patients can speak to their doctors about on-going treatment. Latisse can be used in conjunction with mascara. Latisse simultaneously lengthens and fills lashes in. Patients can start seeing results within 4 weeks. It is applied once a day, in the evening. If an individual stops using Latisse, then their lashes will return to their original state within a few weeks or months.

Latisse in West Hollywood can be purchased from esteemed clinics and vendors, such as Laser Touch Medical Clinic. Latisse should be used carefully and patients must follow directions. For instance, patients should not apply Latisse to the bottom lashes or over-apply Latisse on the top lashes, as it can darken skin and eyes or cause excess hair to grow.

Instead of piling on a ridiculous amount of mascara, individuals can achieve longer, thicker, darker lashes with Latisse in West Hollywood.