Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles

Summer season is quickly approaching in Los Angeles, which means increased trips to the gym, dieting and… hair removal. Excess body hair can be embarrassing and difficult to deal with. Hair on the face, back, arms, bikini area, stomach and legs can prove daunting when it comes to maintaining a hairless body. Shaving can leaving razor burn or ingrown hairs, waxing is painful, and depilatories can be inconvenient. But why deal with these options, when laser hair removal in Los Angeles proves to be easier, more cost-effective and less painful.

This laser hair removal in Los Angeles consists of targeting the hair follicle with a laser. The procedure works on all skin types, but does not work on hair that is red or grey. Laser hair removal in Los Angeles can last much longer than other treatments. It may irritate the skin slightly. Many practices, like LaserAway in Los Angeles, implement numbing cream and a cooling system to minimize irritation.

In addition, most practices that do laser hair removal, like LaserAway, will only use FDA- approved techniques and laser. During the procedure, a patient must wear goggles to protect their eyes from the laser. There may be a slight burning sensation, but topical anesthetic may be used to reduce this. The procedure takes a few minutes to longer for bigger areas on the body. If the skin becomes red or swells slightly or dries out, Vaseline can be used to soothe the area. Hair will continue to fall out for 2 weeks post-procedure.

For the laser-treated areas, sunscreen and limited sun exposure are needed. Be careful not to treat the treated skin too harshly with scrubs. In addition, do not use tanning booths or pluck or wax hairs. Some laser clinics may ask you not strenuously exercise for 24 hours following the procedure as sweet can irritate the treated area.

Don’t let the impending swimsuit season get you frustrated. Instead look into laser hair removal in Los Angeles.