neck skin tightening

Dr. Hakimian offers several options for those who desire a tighter or firm chin and neck appearance.

If [p2p type=”id” value=”58″ text=”wrinkles”] are the first sign of aging, a sagging chin, jaw, or neck area is the second. As we age we begin to produce less collagen. Collagen is what makes your skin young and elastic—we have it in abundance when we are young, but our bodies produce less and less collagen as we age. You’ve probably heard of it before–collagen is constantly advertised as being an ingredient in firming lotions and creams. Without collagen, our skin begins to sag, causing a droopy, wrinkled appearance, especially in the area under the chin and on the neck. This area is held so tightly during youth that as we age, even a tiny bit of sagging is very noticeable.

Laser and light procedures are typically the best options for those seeking to reduce the appearance of a sagging neck or under-chin area. One option is the [p2p type=”id” value=”45″ text=”SkinTyte”]™ laser light procedure, which works by stimulating the production of natural collagen in your body, helping skin to look younger and firmer. Each procedure takes about 30-45 minutes, and optimal results can usually be achieved in two to five treatment sessions, each spaced three to four weeks apart. SkinTyte™ treatments are popular as they require little to no downtime. You can return to work and daily activities right away, and can wear makeup one to two days after the treatment procedure.

Another option that Dr. Hakimian may consider is a ProFractional™ treatment. [p2p type=”id” value=”43″ text=”ProFractional”]™ laser therapy is incredibly precise, as it uses a microbeam to pinpoint targeted areas of skin. At the targeted sites, ProFractional™ laser light therapy stimulates your body’s own production of collagen, helping to tighten sagging skin under your chin and smooth away lines and [p2p type=”id” value=”58″ text=”wrinkles”] to give you a younger, healthier appearance.

Finally, Dr. Hakimian may opt to use a MicroLaserPeel™ alone or in conjunction with a [p2p type=”id” value=”45″ text=”SkinTyte”]™ or ProFractional™ treatment. [p2p type=”id” value=”41″ text=”MicroLaserPeel”]™ was designed as a modern approach to a traditional chemical peel or microdermabrasion. However, [p2p type=”id” value=”41″ text=”MicroLaserPeel”]™ was designed to achieve the same great results with less recovery time and discomfort. MicroLaserPeel™ is a superficial epidermal exfoliation to a light dermal resurfacing skin treatment. The procedure is individually tailored to the nature of the skin condition to be corrected such as wrinkles, scars, keratoses or pigmentation problems. The results can last for six months or longer.

Together you and Dr. Hakimian can decide which chin and neck treatment is best for your needs. You may opt for a [p2p type=”id” value=”45″ text=”SkinTyte”]™ or [p2p type=”id” value=”43″ text=”ProFractional”]™ treatment, and may opt to combine the procedure with a [p2p type=”id” value=”41″ text=”MicroLaserPeel”]™. Alternately, you may opt to utilize Obagi’s® ELASTIderm™ Décolletage System to restore healthy, younger looking skin to your neck and chest area. No matter which treatment option you choose, you are ensured great results that will leave your neck and chin looking smooth, tighter, and firm.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss chin and neck lifts and any of our other [p2p type=”id” value=”51″ text=”facial procedures”] with you. Please call us at 1-888-LASER-15 (1-888-527-3715) to schedule an appointment at any of our five Laser Touch Medical Clinics or [p2p type=”id” value=”142″ text=”schedule an appointment online.”]

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