non-surgical cheek augmentation
An effective non-surgical cheek enhancement procedure can quickly and safely contour the shape of your face.

Here at Laser Touch Medical Clinic, we offer a great non-surgical way to enhance your cheeks, giving you the appearance of youthful, high cheekbones. This procedure can also combat the signs of aging, which can sometimes leave our faces looking hollowed out and sagging. This non-surgical option is a [p2p type=”id” value=”60″ text=”dermal filler”] such as [p2p type=”id” value=”13″ text=”Radiesse”]®. [p2p type=”id” value=”13″ text=”Radiesse”]® is a dermal filler that can be injected into your skin in less than 30 minutes in order to give you a younger appearance and enhance your existing features. [p2p type=”id” value=”13″ text=”Radiesse”]® works by improving your skin over time by stimulating your body’s production of its own collagen. Your cheeks will look firmer and tighter than ever before, creating a youthful appearance.

Radiesse® is known for its incredibly safe reputation. It has received CE Mark Certification, two FDA approvals, and a number of FDA clearances. Since [p2p type=”id” value=”13″ text=”Radiesse”]® is made from a biocompatible substance that is identical to what is naturally found in the body, there is very little risk of allergic reaction, and very few side effects have been reported in clinical trials or actual use.

In addition to Radiesse®, there are several other dermal fillers that can be used to enhance your cheeks such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, Perlane®, and Sculptra®.

Together you and Dr. Hakimian can determine if the [p2p type=”id” value=”13″ text=”Radiesse”]® or other dermal filler cheek enhancement treatment is best for you.

The staff at Laser Touch Medical Clinic will be happy to discuss cheek enhancement and any of our other [p2p type=”id” value=”51″ text=”facial procedures”] with you. Please call for a private consultation at 1-888-LASER-15 (1-888-527-3715) or [p2p type=”id” value=”142″ text=”schedule an appointment online.”]

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